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The 68th UN General Assembly has declared 2016 the ”International Year of Pulses”! CCARM has laboratories dedicated to pulse research. Please visit Drs. Blewett, Taylor, or Zahradka's lab page for more information!



The Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM) is dedicated to investigating and understanding the potential health-related benefits found in nutraceuticals, functional foods, and natural health products (health food).

CCARM's vision is to add value to agricultural commodities and finished products through innovative functional food and nutraceuticals research. The CCARM research program aims to translate positive results from basic laboratory science into new and safe dietary supplements and food products that will directly impact the health of the Canadian public. From laboratory to in human research, CCARM conducts clinical research studies (clinical trials) of functional and health food products and nutraceuticals identified by our laboratories as having potential beneficial effects on diseases that are of clinical and financial significance to Canadians. Diseases targeted thus far include, immune disorders, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular and vascular diseases.

CCARM represents an ongoing unique partnership between St-Boniface Hospital, the University of Manitoba, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and is located within the St-Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre and the I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute.

Other partnerships and collaborations include the Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network (MAHRN); Granotec, a leading cereal technology company in Latin America; and the Food Development Centre.

To learn more about they type of research being conducted at CCARM - follow the below hyperlinks

Download CCARM’s 2014 Activity Report

05/16/16 - Cara Isaac awarded Medicine Fellowship

The Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Awards Committee of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, MaxMore…

04/28/16 - TAFFB and FFNHP Award Recipients

The Therapeutic Applications of Functional Foods and Bioactives (TAFFB) Conference and the Functional Foods and Natural HealthMore…

04/7/16 - Zahradka appointed CCARM Deputy Team Leader

Dr. Carla Taylor, the incoming Team Leader of the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research inMore…

04/5/16 - Taylor appointed CCARM team leader

Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research, St-Boniface Hospital is pleased to announce the appointmentMore…

03/21/16 - Bean portrait “in the Top 5 moments of my life”: Ace Burpee

The Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM) took part in “AgMore…

03/15/16 - Cool Beans!!!

The Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM) is celebrating the “YearMore…

03/15/16 - TMPLR research program set to launch

The official launch of The Manitoba Personalized Lifestyle Research (TMPLR) program will take place Wednesday,More…

02/10/16 - Visit from AAFC Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister Andrea Lyon Andrea Lyon, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) touredMore…

tn hope anderson
12/14/15 - Anderson receives Buggey Professorship

Dr. Hope Anderson, Principal Investigator, Vascular Biology, Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health andMore…

11/6/15 - Taylor featured in Believe

Dr. Carla Taylor, Principal Investigator, Metabolic Nutrition, Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health andMore…

Free public seminar by Bryce Wylde

Alternative Health and Functional Medicine expert Bryce Wylde will deliver an engaging public seminar entitledMore…

06/7/16 - Effects of high protein diets on metabolic syndrome parameters.

Authors: Wojcik, J.L., Aukema, H.M., Zahradka, P. & Taylor, C.G. Abstract: High protein diets areMore…

06/7/16 - Combination effects of wild rice and phytosterols on prevention of atherosclerosis in LDL receptor knockout mice.

Authors: Moghadasian, M.H., Alsaif, M., Le, K., Gangadaran, S., Masisi, K., Beta, T. & Shen,More…

06/7/16 - Intra-cavitary ultrasound probes: cleaning and high-level disinfection are necessary for both the probe head and handle to reduce the risk of infection transmission.

Authors: Alfa, M.J. Abstract: No abstract available. For more information on this publication, contact: CarolynMore…

05/10/16 - A metabolomics approach for investigating urinary and plasma changes in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) fed with chicken skin protein hydrolysates diets.

Authors: Onuh, J.O., Girgih, A.T., Nwachukwu, I., Ievari-Shariati, S., Raj, P., Netticadan, T., Aluko, R.E.More…

05/10/16 - Reproducible elimination of Clostridium difficile spores using a clinical area washer disinfector in 3 different health care sites.

Authors: Macdonald, K., Bishop, J., Dobbyn, B., Kibsey, P. & Alfa, M.J. Abstract: Background: FollowingMore…

05/10/16 - Physical and composition characteristics of clinical secretions compared with test soils used for validation of flexible endoscope cleaning.

Authors: Alfa, M.J. & Olson, N. Abstract: Aim: To determine which simulated-use test soils metMore…

04/5/16 - Cardiovascular benefits of probiotics: A review of experimental and clinical studies.

Authors: Thushara, R.M., Gangadaran, S., Solati, Z. & Moghadasian, M.H. Abstract: The microbiota inhabiting theMore…

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