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Dr. Pawan Singal

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

Principal Investigator
Cell Pathophysiology,Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

Department of Physiology, University of Manitoba

St. Boniface Hospital Honours Winnipeg Philanthropist Paul Albrechtsen
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Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

Widely regarded as one of the preeminent basic cardiovascular research programs in the world, St-Boniface’s Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, led by Dr. Pawan Singal, is a leading force in the fight against heart disease at the cellular and molecular levels.

Duhamel on Happy Hearts

Dr. Todd Duhamel (Principal Investigator, Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Prevention, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences) appeared on CTV News recently to speak about the Happy Hearts program, and recruit women for this study. CTV News...

BSc Med and MED II Awards Day 2016

Some BSc Med students under St. Boniface Hospital Research supervision received awards at last week’s BSc Med and MED II Awards Day 2016 celebration: Pegah Afsharinezhad (Kirshenbaum) BSc.(Med) Student Joe Doupe Presenter Honour Award Merck Sharp & Dhome Award for...

Research projects receive more than $6 million from CIHR

(L-R) Mr. Dan Vandal, Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface – Saint Vital and Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum, Principal Investigator of Cardiac Gene Biology at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences Two St. Boniface Hospital Research projects are receiving more than...

Czubryt AHA Fellowship

Dr. Michael Czubryt has received a Fellowship with the American Heart Association.  The presentation was made at the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Meeting (BCVS) held recently in Phoenix. Election as a Fellow of the American Heart Association recognizes scientific and...

Journal selects “Image of the Week” from Czubryt

The American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology has selected the above image as “Image Of The Week”, which comes fromDr. Michael Czubryt’s laboratory. Dr. Czubryt provided the following description; “Physical stress forces tend to rise in the diseased heart, for...

Journal thanks Caligiuri for service

The Editorial Team of Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology recently extended thanks to individuals who over the last year have “consistently and expeditiously delivered comprehensive, discerning reviews to the Journal’s authors”. One of those outstanding...