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Titanium Carbide MXene nanosheets Potential Next-Generation therapy for Organ Transplant Patients

Dhingra lab files another patent in their effort to develop nanotechnology-based approaches to prevent heart transplant rejection. In a first using titanium Mxene, the team under Dr. Sanjiv Dhingra, Principal Investigator Cardiac Regeneration and Tissue Engineering Program, Institute of...
SBRC alumnus part of top innovations for 2022

SBRC alumnus part of top innovations for 2022

Congratulations to SBRC alumnus, Dr. Josette Northcott, Senior Manager, Assay R&D at Personalis.    Personalis hit the #1 spot on The Scientist ranking for Top 10 innovations for 2022 for a new product that uses a patient’s...

CCARM Students Garner Endowment Grants

CCARM Students Garner Endowment Grants

Congratulations to three outstanding young investigators with CCARM, who have each been recently recognized with student endowment awards through St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. PhD student Shiqi (Sunny) Huang is a member of Dr. Carla Taylor's Metabolic Nutrition...

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