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Congratulations to Dr. Krishnamurti Dakshinamurti (also known as Dr. Dak), whose work has been included in a “Classic series” of research accomplishments by Cambridge University Press.

The CU Press had previously published a monograph entitled “Vitamin Receptors” which Dakshinamurti had edited in 1994. They recently requested permission to republish it as a paperback in their “Classics series” – a decade and a half after its original publication. Dr. Dak’s lab was the first to prepare a monoclonal antibody against biotin in the early 1980s, and for the past 25 years the clone isolated in his laboratory has been the source of all biotin monoclonal antibody used anywhere in the world.

Dr. Dak is currently working as a Senior Advisor to SBRC, evaluating the scientific status of Research Centre programs vis a vis similar groups/ institutions in Canada. He is also editing a book on the “Biology and therapeutic potential of vitamins and biofactors” for publishers Taylor and Francis.

Dr. Dakshinamurti is Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba.