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Congratulations to Dr. Grant N. Pierce, St. Boniface Hospital Executive Director of Research, on receiving the highest award from the Slovak Academy of Sciences at a recent meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia – the Jan Jessenius Gold Medal in Medical Sciences – in recognition of outstanding international achievement in the field of medical research. The award was presented in June by the President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) is the main scientific and research institution in Slovakia fostering basic and strategic basic research. Its primary mission is to acquire new knowledge of nature, society and technology, specifically targeted at ensuring scientific basis for the advancement in Slovakia. The SAS consists of 69 scientific organizations and publishes 57 scientific and professional journals. More than 40 scientific and scholarly societies, which associate scientists and scholars from various disciplines, are affiliated with SAS.

Dr. Grant Pierce has published more than 200 manuscripts that have attracted more than 4000 citations. His past work focused on the identification of a cardiomyopathy in diabetes and on Na/H exchange as an important mechanism responsible for ischemic heart disease. He is currently interested in nuclear protein import as a mechanism for cell growth in the cardiovascular system, on the relationship of infection and inflammation with atherosclerosis, and on the potential for nutraceuticals and functional foods to alter cardiovascular disease. He is the Executive Director of Research at St Boniface Hospital and Co-Editor of the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.

For more information on Dr. Pierce’s research, click here.