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Pawan K. Singal, PhD, DSc, Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICS) at St. Boniface Hospital, and Professor of Physiology, University of Manitoba has been recognized by the International Academy of Cardiology for career achievements in science at an awards ceremony held July 25th at the 15th World Congress on Heart Disease in Vancouver, British Columbia. The ceremony acknowledged the outstanding achievements of 5 scientists selected from an international pool of nominees from around the world.

Dr. Singal received the Albrecht Fleckenstein Memorial Award for his “distinguished contribution in the field of basic research in cardiology”. The Fleckenstein award is presented periodically to recognize outstanding career achievements in basic cardiovascular research.

Dr. Asher Kimchi, Los Angeles, Dr. Pawan Singal, Winnipeg, and John A. Elefteriades, New Haven

Dr. Asher Kimchi, Los Angeles, Dr. Pawan Singal, Winnipeg, and John A. Elefteriades, New Haven

A world‐renowned panel of more than 120 cardiologists and scientists ‐ members of the faculty of the International Academy of Cardiology (IAC) ‐ announced the 2010 International Academy of Cardiology Awards during the event’s opening ceremony.

Dr. Asher Kimchi, Founder and Chairman of the IAC, said, “In the past 21 years the IAC has grown from a prestigious academy to one of the world’s preeminent forums for top Cardiologists and Scientists. These Professors are the best of the best. We are proud to honor them with these well‐deserved awards.”

The World Congress is attended by physicians and scientists worldwide, and provides a forum for an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in cardiovascular medicine, primarily in the areas of molecular and cellular cardiology, coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Dr. Singal is a founding member of the ICS, which began as the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences in 1987. He is recognized as a world leader in the field of cell pathophysiology, where his pioneering studies have led the way in understanding the potential of various antioxidants in the prevention or treatment of damage associated with free radical induced oxidative stress.

Dr. Singal has published more than 250 papers and 25 books and has given over 200 talks all around the world. A community leader, Dr. Singal has been recognized more than 40 times with honors and awards by the local, national and international organizations/agencies, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Big Heart Award for outstanding contributions as a Heart Research Builder in Manitoba.

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