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The Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences presented the 12th Annual Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICS) Awards Symposium and lecture series on Friday, November 5. The lectures were part of a two day annual symposium celebrating excellence in cardiovascular research. Keynote speakers were Dr. Salim Yusuf, Director of the Population Health Research Institute, McMaster University; Vice-President of Research at Hamilton Health Sciences, and Dr. Tofy Mussivand, Professor of Surgery and Engineering at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University; Chair and Director of the Cardiovascular Device Division, University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

“We are very proud and very fortunate to have these internationally recognized speakers presenting at St-Boniface Hospital,” said Dr. Pawan Singal, Director, ICS. Dr. Yusuf’s presentation was entitled “Tackling the Global Epidemic of Cardiovascular Disease”, while Dr. Mussivand’s presented on “Medical Devices and their Impact on the Health Care System.”

The Institute’s awards program followed the presentations, and was produced in collaboration with the University of Manitoba, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, the Royal Bank of Canada and Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba.


Robert Beamish Award, Dr. Salim Yusuf (Hamilton, ON), with Dr. Michel Tétrault (R)


Ken Bowman Award, Dr. Kirk Knowlton (San Diego, CA), with Dr. Digvir Jayas (R)


John Foerster Award, Dr. Tofy Mussivand (Ottawa, ON), with Dr. Michel Tétrault (R)


Vincenzo Panagia Award, Dr. Richard Kitsis (Bronx, NY), with Dr. Grant Pierce (R)


Arnold Naimark Award, Dr. Yaron Aviv (Winnipeg, MB), with Dr. Pawan Singal (R)


Henry Friesen Award, Mr. Jon-Jon Santiago (Winnipeg, MB), with Dr. Alan Menkis (R)


Sr. Jacqueline St-Yves Award, Dr. Mirna Chahine (London, UK), with Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum (L)


Jack Litvack Award, Dr. Vijayan Elimban (Winnipeg, MB), with Dr. Janice Dodd (R)


Heart and Stroke Foundation Award, Ms. Richelle McCullough (Winnipeg, MB), with Ms. Debbie Brown(L)


T. Edward Cuddy Award, Ms. Riley Epp (Winnipeg, MB), with Dr. Thomas Klonisch (R)


James S. McGoey Award, Ms. Erin Karlstedt (Winnipeg, MB), with Dr. Michael Czubryt(R)


Kalwant Dhalla Award, Mr. Donald Chapman (Winnipeg, MB), with Dr. Elissavet Kardami (R)