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St. Boniface Hospital Foundation (STBHF) today announced a $1 million donation from Conrad Wyrzykowski and his family to establish the Evelyn Wyrzykowski Family Research Chair in Cardiology Endowment Fund. The fund will support education and research opportunities at St. Boniface Hospital and the University of Manitoba (U of M).

“Conrad has had a history of generous support of research at St Boniface Hospital” commented Dr Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research for the Hospital. “This provides his family with an enduring legacy and will promote heart research for decades to come. We are so excited and grateful to his whole family!”

The Wyrzykowski family has a long history of philanthropy, having supported STBHF for more than 20 years. Past donations include the establishment of the Conrad & Evelyn Wyrzykowski Fund to support cancer and cardiovascular research, the Wyrzykowski Family Studentship to support undergraduate research initiatives, and the creation of an education and consultation room at SBH’s Bergen Cardiac Care Centre.