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Congratulations to Dr. Ben Albensi, Principal Investigator, Synaptic Plasticity & Memory Dysfunction, Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders (DND) on the launch of the book “Novel Treatment of Epilepsy”, edited by Humberto Foyaca-Sibat and published online by InTech.  Albensi’s chapter is entitled “Brain stimulation for seizure control: Considerations and potential mechanisms”.

From the website:

“Epilepsy continues to be a major health problem throughout the planet, affecting millions of people, mainly in developing countries where parasitic zoonoses are more common and cysticercosis, as a leading cause, is endemic. There is epidemiological evidence for an increasing prevalence of epilepsy throughout the world, and evidence of increasing morbidity and mortality in many countries as a consequence of higher incidence of infectious diseases, head injury and stroke. We decided to edit this book because we identified another way to approach this problem, covering aspects of the treatment of epilepsy based on the most recent technological results  from developed countries, and the basic treatment of epilepsy at the primary care level in rural areas of South Africa. Therefore, apart from the classic issues that cannot be missing in any book about epilepsy, we introduced novel aspects related with epilepsy and neurocysticercosis, as a leading cause of epilepsy in developing countries. Many experts from the field of epilepsy worked hard on this publication to provide valuable updated information about the treatment of epilepsy and other related problems.”

For more information and a free download of the book, click here.