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Plymouth, MN – March, 2013 – Monteris Medical announced that Health Canada has approved the AutoLITT (now known as NeuroBlate) System, an MRI-guided ablation therapy for brain lesions, for commercialization in Canada. The NeuroBlate System has been available in the U.S.A. and prior to this approval, in British Columbia, Canada, under a “special access waiver” granted for patients of Dr. Brian Toyota, M.D., in Vancouver.

The NeuroBlate System provides focal ablation (lethal heat therapy) for tumors and has been commercially available in the United States since 2010. “We are excited that the NeuroBlate System will now be available for neurosurgeons and their patients in Canada”, stated John Schellhorn, President and CEO of Monteris. “This approval is especially gratifying given that the company was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a significant portion of our people and operations remain in Canada. We are expanding our sales and marketing efforts to support Canadian neurosurgical centers offering brain tumor patients new therapies and technologies.”

Dr. Toyota added, “I am very enthused to have the first-in-Canada NeuroBlate System placed in Vancouver. It is an exciting and innovative technology that represents a powerful treatment option. I am confident it will have a significant impact on the management of, and outcomes for, Canadians suffering from brain tumors.”

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St. Boniface Hospital Research helps innovators find research and patent information, technical assistance and funding, partnerships, and market opportunities to commercialize new products, processes and services. Monteris Medical™ is an example of the successful bridging of basic science to clinical innovation!

Formed in 1999, Monteris® Medical is a privately held medical device company dedicated to the development of innovative MRI-guided, laser-based brain lesion therapy. Monteris® Medical markets the NeuroBlate® System, a neurosurgical ablation device providing controlled therapy for difficult-to-treat brain tumors and epilepsy. Monteris also offers the AXiiiS® Stereotactic Miniframe; a single use platform for image-guided, stereotactic brain biopsy; and the AtamA™ Head Coil and Stabilization System for MRI-guided neurosurgical procedures requiring head fixation.

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