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News from Intelligent Hospital Systems (IHS)… Manitoba’s minister of entrepreneurship training and trade Peter Bjornson announced CancerCare Manitoba was purchasing the first IHS Robotic IV Automation (RIVA) machine in the province. RIVA is considered to be the most comprehensive solution for automated preparation of IV medications (syringes and IV bags) for the general hospital, chemotherapy and pediatric markets in the global market today.

Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems) is a medical device company focused on the design and development of automated solutions for the hospital environment. Developed from research conducted by a team at the St-Boniface Research Centre in the mid 1990’s, RIVA is used by hospital pharmacies to automatically and accurately prepare IV syringes and IV bags. By automating the admixture preparation, RIVA addresses the issues of safety for the patient and the pharmacy technician, efficiency and effectiveness in the pharmacy and the challenges of a changing regulatory environment.

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