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Dr. Pawan Singal shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at Jammu Congress. (Photo by Jammu Tribune)

The Congress, held at the University of Jammu from Feb 3-7, 2014 and themed “Innovations in Science and Technology for Inclusive Development”, showcased recent developments in the field of Science & Technology in India and around the world. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Honorable Prime Minister of India, with the participation of international experts and national luminaries from different streams of Science & Technology, including Nobel laureates, senior scientists, teachers, young scholars and students.

Dr. Grant Pierce is the Executive Director of Research at St-Boniface Hospital and physiology and pharmacy professor at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Pawan Singal is Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and professor of physiology, University of Manitoba.

Dr. Naranjan Dhalla is a Distinguished Professor of Physiology, University of Manitoba, and Director of Cardiovascular Developments, St-Boniface Hospital Research