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Dr. Sanjiv Dhingra, Principal Investigator, Cardiac Regeneration and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Director, Canada Italy Tissue Engineering Laboratory (CITEL), has received a research operating grant of $20,000 from the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation.

Dhingra proposes to study the mechanisms of transplanted stem cell rejection in the heart. The study will also identify the optimal interventions to prevent rejection and enhance survival of transplanted stem cells in order to provide information that will help to increase the benefits of stem cell therapy for cardiac repair.

Dr. Sanjiv Dhingra is an Assistant Professor in the Regenerative Medicine Program, Department of Physiology, University of Manitoba. Prior to joining as a faculty member in University of Manitoba, Dr. Dhingra received postdoctoral training in McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Toronto General Hospital and in the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, St-Boniface Hospital Research in Winnipeg. He received postdoctoral fellowship awards from CIHR and MHRC with high rankings. In October 2007, Dr. Dhingra received an award from Life Science Association of Manitoba for his contribution to cardiovascular research. In May 2010 he received the Early Career Investigator Award from the International Society of Heart Research in Kyoto, Japan. Recently, Dr. Dhingra was a finalist for the Vivien Thomas Young Investigator Award at American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Los Angeles. In addition to his research program, Dr. Dhingra is also responsible for directing the Canada Italy Tissue Engineering Laboratory (CITEL), a collaboration between the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, St-Boniface Hospital Research . Under his supervision CITEL will develop innovative technologies for biomaterials and will define pioneering procedures for cardiac tissue engineering.

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