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Phospholipases generate lipid signaling molecules and regulate the function of a variety of cells. They are critical players in the pathogenesis of a number of diseases including cancer and heart disease. They are also the subject of the recently published book Phospholipases in Health and Disease (Springer) co-edited by Drs Paramjit S. Tappia and Naranjan S. Dhalla.

Phospholipases in Health and Disease is a compilation of review articles dedicated to the study of the field with respect to biochemical and molecular mechanisms of normal and abnormal cell function. Of interest to basic research scientists, clinicians and graduate students engaged in studying the pathophysiological basis of a variety of diseases, the book highlights the potential of the different phospholipases as therapeutic targets as well as part of prevention strategies. The book contains 23 articles organized in four sections designed to emphasize the most characterized forms of phospholipases in mammalian cells.

The release of the book was recently celebrated at a luncheon for Dr Tappia’s friends and colleagues, with a surprise dedication to St-Boniface Hospital Executive Director of Research, Dr. Grant Pierce “for his outstanding leadership in cardiovascular research and education”.

“Dr. Pierce is a great promoter and supporter of many collaborative research activities” says Paramjit Tappia. “It has been a privilege and an honor to work with him; it was Dr. Pierce that gave me the opportunity to advance my professional career by moving into the clinical research arena, and for that I will be eternally grateful”.