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In its first full school year of operation, The St. Boniface Hospital Research Youth BIOlab hosted over 3600 grade 4-12 students and visited 1900 more off-site, according to an activity report released today.

“That’s our highest outreach numbers ever, and includes more schools and school divisions than any year since we started with Louis Riel School Division in 2005” says Steve Jones, program coordinator and St. Boniface Hospital Research teaching liaison.

Since 2005, St. Boniface Hospital Research has worked in partnership with the Louis Riel School Division through the It’s All About Me program, which has provided hands-on medical science experiences in classrooms to over 30,000 students. The Youth BIOlab extends this model of community partnership to students from across Manitoba and enhances its ability to provide authentic science experiences to youth.


Said one teacher accompanying students to the program, “Having taught for 19 years, I can honestly say this was the best, educationally well-thought-out field trip I have ever attended. Outstanding, inspiring! Wow!”

Youth BIOlab 2014-2015 school year report (updated)
RBC Youth BIOlab Jeunesse

The RBC Youth BIOlab Jeunesse teaching laboratory was built with support from Manitoba Education, RBC, and the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and opened its doors to students in Spring 2013. The program is delivered in partnership with Manitoba school divisions and with the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) to connect St. Boniface Hospital and Research Centre to classroom learning.