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Dr Pawan Singal, director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and professor of physiology, University of Manitoba, has been inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) for his achievements in cell pathophysiology. The ceremony took place in Ottawa on September 18. Membership is considered one of the highest honours for the Canadian health sciences community. The objective of the CAHS is to provide advice on key issues relevant to the health of Canadians.

Dr Singal was inducted together with Drs Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg, Patricia Martens, also from the College of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences.

“This is a well deserved honour for one of our foremost scientists” says Dr Grant Pierce, St-Boniface Hospital executive director of research. “Dr Singal has spent the majority of his career at St-Boniface Hospital so it is indeed exciting to see this career of accomplishment recognized with one of Canada’s most distinguished health sciences awards”.

Dr. Singal is known worldwide for his work on oxidative stress and heart failure, and researches why after a heart attack many patients subsequently go into heart failure. His pioneering studies have furthered understanding on how various antioxidants have the potential to prevent or treat the damage associated with the oxidative stress and the toxins created. Most recently, he has been researching anticancer drugs and changes that could be made to improve therapeutic approaches in the treatment of cancer patients. He has co-edited 30 books, published over 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts, and received over 80 national and international recognitions.

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