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Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research, St. Boniface Hospital, and Dr. Brian Postl, Dean of Medicine; Dean & Vice-Provost (Health Sciences) are pleased to announce the reappointment of Dr. Pawan Singal as director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICS), for a 2-year term, effective June 1, 2015.

Dr. Singal is a founding member of the ICS, and has served as director since 2007.

“The Institute has flourished under his leadership, recently evidenced in strong international relationships with the Mayo Clinic and the Canada Italy Tissue Engineering Laboratory (CITEL)” says Pierce. “We are excited that Dr. Singal has accepted this term to carry on this vital work”.

“Dr. Singal is an exemplary investigator of cardiovascular science research,” says Dr. Postl. “He has made innovative contributions to the study of oxidative stress and heart failure, and is also a leader of other excellent cardiovascular research programs, where he has led expansion to capacity.”

Dr. Singal joined the Physiology & Pathophysiology Department at the College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, as a lecturer, rose through the ranks and has been a Professor since 1990. He served as Associate Dean for the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Manitoba. He is also holder of the Naranjan S. Dhalla Chair established by the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. Internationally known for his work on oxidative stress and heart failure, Dr. Singal has made significant contributions in the understanding of the sequelae of heart failure. He has published 250 papers, has co-edited 30 books and trained more than 100 students, fellows and visiting scientists. He has received more than 80 national and international recognitions. The University of Manitoba has established an award in his name called ‘Pawan K. Singal Award for Graduate Students in Cardiovascular Sciences’. His name has been added to the Wall of Fame in the University Center at the University of Manitoba recognizing his outstanding teaching skills and research.

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