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Chuck LaFlèche, Paul Albrechtsen, and Dr. Grant Pierce

World renowned Research Centre to be renamed in his honour

Winnipeg entrepreneur and visionary Paul Albrechtsen has donated $5 million to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation in support of pioneering medical research at St-Boniface Hospital Research Centre.

Albrechtsen’s recent donation brings his cumulative contributions to $7 million, and makes him the most significant donor in St. Boniface Hospital’s 144 year history. In recognition of his generosity and leadership within the community, the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre will be renamed the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre.

“St. Boniface Hospital was founded with a mission of compassion, so it is truly fitting that this historical gift was made by Paul Albrechtsen who embodies our vision to help and serve others,” says Chuck LaFlèche, President & CEO, St-Boniface Hospital Foundation. “He is known for his compassionate, selfless support of our community and we are so thankful for his generosity.”

Since establishing transport giant Paul’s Hauling almost 60 years ago while earning 90 cents an hour as a field mechanic, Paul Albrechtsen has made it his life’s work to help those in need. When a heart attack many years ago required him to receive care at St. Boniface Hospital, Albrechtsen saw an opportunity to make a difference.

“I believe the future of health care lies in medical research where we can find innovative, new ideas to solve age-old problems,” says Albrechtsen.

“I’ve always thought it is better to give with a warm hand, and it brings me joy to know that in supporting places like St. Boniface Hospital, what is given today will make a difference tomorrow.”

The ability to conduct basic research, clinical trials, and patient care on one campus has earned St. Boniface Hospital a reputation as a leader in innovative health care, attracting and retaining the best researchers and clinicians from around the world.

“Ours is an environment of continuous improvement, and a key part of that is taking our research directly into the health care system as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Dr. Michel Tétreault, President & CEO, St. Boniface Hospital. “This landmark gift will not only benefit our researchers, but our staff, patients, and everyone who depends on St. Boniface Hospital.”

St. Boniface Hospital is internationally renowned for its life-changing research into cardiac and vascular diseases, nutraceuticals, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. For the past three years, it has been recognized as the number one research intensive hospital in Western Canada by Research Infosource.

“We are on the cusp of many groundbreaking discoveries that will enhance quality of life, improve health care, and transform our ability to overcome today’s most debilitating diseases and conditions,” says Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research, St. Boniface Hospital. “Support from community leaders like Paul Albrechtsen will help us create a healthier future for Manitobans.”

An official unveiling ceremony to rename the St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre is anticipated for later in 2015.

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