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(L-R) Robert Schmidt, Thomas Fudge, and Stephanie Caligiuri

Congratulations to Stephanie Caligiuri (MSc PhD Candidate, Cell Biology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences) on picking up the top prize at the 56th National Student Research Forum at the University of Texas Medical Branch campus in Galveston, Texas. Caligiuri’s presentation, “Oxylipins Increase the Odds of High Central Aortic Blood Pressure and Are Beneficially Influenced by Dietary Flaxseed in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease”, was awarded “Best Overall Outstanding Conference Presentation”.

2nd place went to Robert Schmidt, who also came home with Excellence in Oncology Research and Lefeber Oral Presentation in Aging Research awards. Schmidt is supervised by the University of Manitoba’s Dr. Spencer Gibson, (Associate Professor, Immunology) and Dr. James Johnston (Associate Professor, Cell Biology / Internal Medicine).

3rd place went to Thomas Fudge, who is supervised by Principal Investigator Dr. Brett Memauri (Assistant Professor, Radiology, University of Manitoba) and co-supervised by Dr. Davinder Jassal (Principal Investigator, Cardiovascular Imaging, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, and Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Manitoba).

Caligiuri is supervised by Dr. Grant Pierce (Principal Investigator, Cell Biology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Professor of Physiology, University of Manitoba), and co-supervisors Dr. Randy Guzman (Principal Investigator, Vascular Surgery and Associate Professor, Surgery, University of Manitoba), Dr. Delfin Rodriguez-Leyva (Cardiologist and medical researcher from Holguin, Cuba), Amir Ravandi (Principal Investigator, Cardiovascular Lipidomics, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Staff Interventional Cardiologist, St-Boniface Hospital, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, University of Manitoba), and Harold Aukema (Principal Investigator, Nutritional Lipidomics, Canadian Centre for Agri-food Research in Health and Medicine, and Professor, Human Nutritional Sciences, University of Manitoba).

The National Student Research Forum is held annually, and is organized and run by students for the discussion of student research papers in a scientific atmosphere.