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Dave Wasylyshen, AAFC; Lee Anne Murphy, MAHRN; Yu Chen, Beijing Animal husbandry Station; Yuchang Qin, Food and Nutrition Development Institute Beijing; Bram Ramjiawan, Asper Clinical Institute; Dan Brown, CCARM; Willy Hoffmann, Standard Nutritions Canada; Joe Frend, Prairie Orchard Farms

On May 28, 2015, Dr. Yuchang Qin of the Beijing Institute of Food Nutrition Development, and Dr. Yu Chen of the Beijing General Station of Animal Husbandry toured the facilities of the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Health in Medicine (CCARM) at the St-Boniface Hospital Research Centre and Asper Clinical Research Institute. They were accompanied by Dr. Lee Ann Murphy of the Manitoba Health Research Network, Mr. Joe Frend of Prairie Orchards Farms, Mr. John Du and Mr. Willy Hoffman of Standard Nutrition Canada, and Mr. Dave Wasylyshen of AAFC’s marketing group.

The tour provided information about the Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network (MAHRN) and its three research components with the purpose of developing the required infrastructure to support functional food claims in China, using Standard Nutrition’s Omega 3 enriched egg as the model system.