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Mr. Pema Raj, PhD Student of Dr. Thomas Netticadan, co-supervised with Dr. Shelley Zieroth, and Mr. Kabo Masisi, PhD Student of Dr. Mohammed Moghadasian, co-supervised with Dr. Trust Beta, have been awarded BMO Financial Group Research Scholarships for Excellence.

Mr. Pema Raj completed his MSc in Biotechnology at Cochin University of Science and Technology, India, and is now working on the comparative effects of resveratrol and ACE inhibitor on heart structure and function.

Mr. Kabo Masisi started his BSc in the University of Botswana and completed it at the University of Saskatchewan. He completed a MSc in Food Science at the University of Hiroshima, Japan and is currently working on the assessment of cardiovascular benefits of aleurone, germ and endosperm fractions of grains.

Mr. Pema Raj
Mr. Kabo Masisi