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Stephen Jones, Youth BIOlab Jeunesse Coordinator and Teaching Liaison, hosted 20 future scientists from the Winnipeg School Division today. The students worked on some chemistry and physics experiments this morning before taking a tour of the new $1 million nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imager recently installed at the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine. The NMR is used to detect different chemical compounds in food, making it possible to isolate which are responsible for providing health benefits. The tour was provided by Dr. Michel Aliani, Principal Investigator of the Nutritional Metabolomics Research laboratory.


Tech Voc student Luis said he enjoyed the tour, but specifically enjoyed doing the lab experiments. “I am interested in the medical field (dentistry), and we don’t get to do this type of thing at school. I really liked doing the hand-on stuff”, he said.

Teacher/Supervisor Ms. Leanne Romaniuk added that the students really enjoyed having access to the facilities at the Youth BIOlab. The students represented Cecil Rhodes, Churchill, Daniel McIntyre, General Wolfe, Gordon Bell, Hugh John MacDonald, Kelvin, Sargent Park, Sisler, St. John’s and Tech Voc high schools.