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A clinical trial conducted by Canadian Centre for Agri-food Research In Health and Medicine principal investigator and medical microbiologist Dr. Michelle Alfa has contributed to the development of a commercial product, MSPrebiotic®, used for improving gut health in both mid-age and elderly adults. MSPrebiotic® is manufactured in Manitoba by MSPrebiotics Inc., Carberry MB.

Dr. Alfa in conjunction with Dr. David Strang, undertook a Health Canada cleared prospective, randomized clinical trial that evaluated the prebiotic in mid-age adults (30 to 50 years of age) as well as elderly (70 years and older) adults. The objective of the clinical trial was to determine if the consumption of MSPrebiotic® could alter the microbiome or decrease glucose and insulin resistance (thereby reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes).

The study found that there was also a significant reduction in the glucose in older adults as well as a significant reduction in Insulin resistance.  These finding indicate that MSPrebiotic® could be a valuable way to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

For detailed information on the results of the clinical trial, click here.