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St. Boniface Hospital Research spin-off Intrinsic Analytics, a bioinformation services company located in the Asper Clinical Research Institute, has completed their first TV commercial – produced in-house by the Communications & Media Services department. The commercial is currently being tested on social media, with plans to air it commercially this Fall.

“We’re celebrating our five year anniversary as a company and we thought it was time to start branding ourselves. We have been growing steadily by word of mouth, but we have tremendous capacity for expansion and the commercial is a very important part of our promotional strategy” says co-founder and CEO Dr. Waylon Hunt. He adds, “We were excited to work with the Research Centre’s media production team since it allowed us to showcase the incredible talent that is available here; we are very happy with the results”.

Intrinsic Analytics provides personalized and customizable bioinformation and biochemical analysis for individuals, commercial enterprises and government agencies. Their head office is located within the I.H. Asper Institute, with an additional collection site located at 2535 Inkster Blvd.