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Congratulations to former CCARM member and current collaborator Dr. Danielle Defries on receiving $32,000 (MMSF $16,000 / CHRIM $16,000) for her study, “The Impact of Gestational Diabetes on Maternal Incretin Function”. Her aim is to see if GDM reduces the number of cells in the intestine that make incretin hormones or if these cells don’t release sufficient amounts of incretin hormones. She will also determine if there is a problem with the ability of the pancreas to release insulin when treated with incretin hormones. If her results show there is a problem with any of these aspects of the incretin system, it will identify areas that could potentially be targeted through drug or nutrition treatments.

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As well, Dr. Yoav Keynan has been named this year’s recipient of the Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award, a $4,000 contribution to help offset the operating expenses for the supervision of a B.Sc. (Med) student at the University of Manitoba.

The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation and the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre each contributed $2,000 towards this award.

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