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Since 1999, the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences at the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre has held an annual Awards Day to celebrate excellence in cardiovascular research. Twelve awards have been established to recognize the contributions of individuals at various career stages, from summer and graduate students to world-leading experts in cardiovascular medicine.

Twelve individuals were honoured on November 2 by the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. The 19th annual award event recognizes leadership and success in promoting cardiovascular research and education, lifetime achievements in research, and young scientists who are in the early stage of their academic life.

The Institute’s awards program is produced in collaboration and cooperation with University of Manitoba, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, and Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba.


The event opened with presentations from several internationally regarded scientists, including:

Dr. Antoine Hakim

Dr. Antoine Hakim, Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Peipei Ping

Dr. Peipei Ping, Los Angeles, USA

Dr. Steven Houser

Dr. Steven Houser, Philadelphia, USA

Dr. Lynn Megeney

Dr. Lynn Megeney, Ottawa, Ontario


Dr. Antoine Hakim

Dr. Naranjan Dhalla, Distinguished Professor, University of Manitoba [Left] presents the Robert Beamish Leadership Award to Dr. Antoine Hakim (Ottawa, Canada)

Dr. Peipei Ping

Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum, Director, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences [Left] presents the Ken Bowman Research Achievement Award to Dr. Peipei Ping (Los Angeles, USA)

Dr. Steven Houser

Dr. John Foerster, St. Boniface Hospital Research Executive Director of Research (1986-2006) [Left] presents the John Foerster Distinguished Lecture Award to Dr. Steven Houser (Philadelphia, USA)

Dr. Lynn Megeney

Dr. Pawan Singal, Principal Investigator, Cell Pathophysiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences [left] presents the Vincenzo Panagia Distinguished Lecture Award to Dr. Lynn Megeney (Ottawa, Ontario)

Mr. Greg Mackling

Vince Barletta, President & CEO, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation [Left] presents the Jack Litvack Exemplary Service Award to Mr. Greg Mackling (Winnipeg, Canada)

Dr. Inna Rabinovich-Nikitin

Dr. Michael Czubryt, Principal Investigator, Molecular Pathophysiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences [Left] presents the Arnold Naimark Young Investigator Award to Dr. Inna Rabinovich-Nikitin (Winnipeg, Canada)

Dr. Gauri Akolkar

Dr. Michael Czubryt,Principal Investigator, Molecular Pathophysiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences [Left] presents the Henry Friesen Young Scientist Award to Dr. Gauri Akolkar (Ottawa, Canada)

Mr. Abhinav Dhingra

Dr. Ross Feldman, Medical Director of the Cardiac Sciences Program [Left] presents the Sr. Jacqueline St-Yves Award for Best Paper to Illana Minuk accepting on behalf of Mr. Abhinav Dhingra (Winnipeg, Canada)

Ms. Krista Filomeno

Allison Kesler, Chief Executive Officer, Manitoba & Saskatchewan, Heart and Stroke Foundation [Left] presents the Heart and Stroke Foundation Award for Masters Student to Ms. Krista Filomeno (Winnipeg, Canada)

Dr. Elissavet Kardami, Principal Investigator, Muscle Cell Biochemistry, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences [Left] presents the Kalwant Dhalla Research Technician Award to Dr. Nina Aroutiounova (Winnipeg, Canada)

Mr. Thomas Meier

Dr. Thomas Klonisch, Head, Anatomy and Cell Sciences, University of Manitoba [Left] presents the T. Edward Cuddy Student Research Award to Natalie Landry accepting on behalf Mr. Thomas Meier (Winnipeg, Canada)

Ms. Zeinab Roveimiab

Dr. Jeffrey Wigle, Principal Investigator, Vascular Development, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences [Left] presents the James S. McGoey Student Research Award to Ms. Zeinab Roveimiab (Winnipeg, Canada)