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Dr. Luc Clair, Principal Investigator, Ag/Health Economist, Canadian Centre for Agri-food Research In Health and Medicine (CCARM), and Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Winnipeg, has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Manitoba Medical Service Foundation.

The goal of CCARM’s clinical and basic science research is to study disease processes, investigate the therapeutic properties of functional foods and natural health products, and develop safe interventions (diet, supplements, etc.) that will improve the health of the Canadian public. Dr. Clair’s work supports this research by looking at the cost-effectiveness of these interventions once implemented outside of the research setting and in the general public and health care system; his primary role is to estimate the economic impact of proposed interventions on the health care sector, the agricultural, and agri-food sector. The award is for his project, “Estimating the Relationship Between Cardiovascular Health and the Use of Neurodegenerative Pharmaceuticals”.

The MMSF supports health–related research and education in Manitoba in partnership with Manitoba Blue Cross.

Congratulations Dr. Clair!

MMSF News Release (attached)