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One of the Albrechtsen Research Centre’s original start-up companies at St. Boniface Hospital, Monteris Medical, Inc.® celebrated a major milestone this week — 2,000 patients in the U.S. and Canada have now received treatment using the company’s NeuroBlate® System since its market release in 2013.

The technology uses robotically controlled laser thermotherapy with MRI-guided laser light to ablate brain lesions. Since its founding in 1999, Monteris Medical’s sole focus is to help medical professionals treat patients suffering from neurological diseases like epilepsy and brain cancer through minimally invasive surgical options.

“The Albrechtsen Research Centre here at St. Boniface Hospital has a proven track record for incubating and launching successful biotech companies. It’s great to see hundreds of physicians in dozens of hospitals across North America using the Monteris technology to help those with brain tumours. We couldn’t be prouder,” said Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research at St. Boniface Hospital.

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