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BioMark Diagnostics Inc., an oncology-focused company with advanced near-to- market diagnostic technologies designed to improve patient outcomes recently announced the appointment of Dr. Paramjit Tappia to its scientific advisory team.

In the company’s media release, President and CEO Rashid Ahmed said, “We are extremely excited to welcome Dr. Tappia into our scientific advisory team. His achievements in scientific and clinical research space will be a major asset to BioMark. Dr. Tappia’s expertise in regulatory and clinical research brings depth and practicality as we begin to commercialize and position our technology for different oncology applications and potential linkages with other leading global institutions.”

“Biological markers are urgently needed to improve early detection, diagnosis and measuring response to treatment for cancers at large. BioMark’s technology platform could be a critically important tool for clinicians and the medical institutions”, says Dr. Tappia.

BioMark has hand-picked a proven, global enterprise team of scientists, engineers and medical professionals to help commercialize its innovative technology and to increase prediction and accuracy in the diagnosis of cancers by following and incorporating the highest regulatory, clinical and scientific standards.

Congratulations Dr. Tappia on this notable appointment!