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Congratulations to St. Boniface Hospital Research alumni, and University of Manitoba Max Rady College of Medicine B.Sc. student Ryan Ramjiawan, who took 1st place for Oral Presentation at the National Student Research Forum in Galveston, Texas on April 20th. Ryan’s achievement is exceptional given this is the largest student-run medical conference in North America with some of the top talents from the best schools across the US and Canada. Ryan’s competed in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry category, which had the largest number of presenters.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the B.Sc. Med Program and am very grateful for the ongoing guidance and support of Drs. Grant Pierce and Pavel Dibrov, as well as all of the other supporting members of their respective laboratories,” Ryan said.

“To win a major NSRF category in Galveston is huge,” said Executive Director for Research, Dr. Grant Pierce. “We’re very proud of Ryan’s accomplishment, which has continued a tradition of students from our lab who have won major awards at Galveston where the competition is incredibly fierce. Bravo Ryan!”