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Dr. Jennifer Protudjer and Dr. Emily Rimmer have been named this year’s recipients of the Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award. The award has been equally split, with each recipient receiving a $2,000 contribution to help offset the operating expenses for the supervision of a B.Sc. (Med) student at the University of Manitoba.


The Manitoba Medical Service Foundation (MMSF) and St. Boniface Hospital Research have each contributed $2,000 towards this award.

Dr. Jennifer Protudjer is supervising B. Sc. (Med) student Hailey Hildebrand for their project, “An Investigation into Dietary Pattern and Adolescent Eczema.” Dr. Protudjer is appointed through the Department of Pediatric and Child Health at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Emily Rimmer is supervising B.Sc. (Med) student Jayce Bi for their project, “M-Protein Response Trajectory and Survival in Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma: A Retrospective Cohort Study.” Dr. Rimmer is appointed through the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Manitoba

Thank you to the B.Sc. Awards Selection Committee for adjudication of the candidates and to the University of Manitoba for their administrative support through the process.

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