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Scientific investigation into establishing dietary approaches that can be undertaken for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is being driven by increased public interest. With that in mind, the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) recently released Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health, a book showcasing 15 articles on the subject, co-edited by St. Boniface Hospital Researchers, Dr. Heather Blewett and Dr. Pram Tappia.

“This book is new and different because it provides an insight into the influential role of nutrition and dietary habits on cardiovascular health and disease and discusses their mechanisms of therapeutic and preventive action all under one forum,” said Tappia.  “It is unique as it also has a mix of reviewed and original articles that provide both clinical and basic science perspectives on nutrition and cardiovascular health.”

More than 100 people were invited to submit articles on the subject, with 15 ultimately approved for inclusion by editors Blewett and Tappia. 

“We believe the compilation is of significant interest to basic science researchers, clinicians and graduate students who are engaged in studying nutrition and cardiovascular health and disease,” said Blewett.

Hardcopies are available for purchase and all articles are free online via IJMS open access portal.