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‘Pathophysiology of Obesity-Induced Health Complications’ provides novel and up-to-date in depth information on the adverse health consequences of the global obesity epidemic. Covering a wide variety of aspects related to obesity-induced health complications including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, sleep disorders, cancer, kidney and liver disease as well as musculoskeletal abnormalities, the book also highlights the increase in obesity in children.

Providing comprehensive perspectives on the biochemistry and pathophysiology of the effects of obesity, a key intent of the book is highlight the compendium of adverse consequences of obesity to human health and to provide current understanding of the cellular and biochemical mechanisms of obesity induced health complications.

With an aim to provide great value to clinicians, scientists, cardiologists and endocrinologists, Pathophysiology of Obesity-Induced Health Complications should serve as a highly useful multidisciplinary resource for medical students, fellows, residents and graduate students. 

Published by Springer.