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Those were words used to describe the work of PhD student Bradley Feltham who recently won the Doctoral Award For Indigenous Students, U of M, and also won the Prairie Indigenous Knowledge Exchange Network (PIKE-Net)  PhD Graduate Fellowship, U of M.

It was noted by the voting committee that Feltham’s work was exceptionally strong and demonstrated his status as an exemplary student. Another committee member noted that Feltham is ideally positioned to become a leading Indigenous scholar and would be an excellent mentor for others in the PIKE-Net program and beyond.

According to his supervisor, Dr. Miyoung Suh, Principal Investigator with the Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders and the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food in Research & Medicine, “I would say, he is simply an outstanding student who balances duality between academic responsibility and leadership roles, especially for the indigenous students on campus and communities.”

Congratulations Brad and best wishes on this stellar achievement!