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December 18, 2020.  A comprehensive list recently released by Stanford University identified the top 2 percent of the world’s nearly 7 million working scientists. St. Boniface Hospital Research boasts ten of these top scientists in the world.

“This is an impressively high representation for one research facility”, said Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research for St. Boniface Hospital, “Considering more than 200 fields of scientific study were included in this roster, this external assessment reinforces the high quality of research being conducted right here in Winnipeg by some of the top minds in the world.”

Included among the 6,880,389 listed experts, are the following St. Boniface Hospital Research affiliated individuals and their category of expertise:

  • Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla — Cardiovascular System & Hematology
  • Dr. Ross D. Feldman — Cardiovascular System & Hematology
  • Dr. Paul Fernyhough — Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Dr. Hilary P Grocott — Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Lorrie A. Kirshenbaum — Cardiovascular System & Hematology
  • Dr. William Leslie — Endocrinology & Metabolism
  • Dr. Mohammed H Moghadasian — Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Dr. Grant N. Pierce — Cardiovascular System & Hematology
  • Dr. Jitender Sareen — Psychiatry
  • Dr. Pawan K. Singal — Cardiovascular System & Hematology

Congratulations to each of these individuals, all who are University of Manitoba Faculty members. They, along with all our staff here at St. Boniface Hospital Research, are truly world-class.

More about the study: Based on citations, h-index, co-authorship-adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions, and a composite indicator, the list was generated based on published work from August 2019 from the Department of Medicine, Health Research and Policy, at Stanford’s Biomedical Data Science, and Statistics and Meta-Research Innovation Center. The study sought to provide a comprehensive database of a sufficiently large number of the most-cited scientists.

As articulated in the publication, co-authored by Dr. John P.A. Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research, the effort was focused on offering a solution to overcome many of the technical problems and provide a comprehensive database of a sufficiently large number of the most-cited scientists. The result creates an availability of standardized, field-annotated data to help achieve a more nuanced use of ranking metrics that is more accurate and balanced.