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February 11 marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This is a day to recognize women making the world a better place through science and technology. You’ll find many posts on social media trending today using tags such as #InternationalDayOfWomenAndGirlsInScience, #WomenInScienceDay, or #WomeninSTEM.

Here at the St. Boniface Hospital Research Albrechtsen Research Centre, Megan, Brooke and Asmaet are proud members of the science-based team at Intrinsic Analytics.

“We have safely collected samples for PCR COVID-19 testing since May 2020, providing a much-needed service to businesses and workplaces here in Manitoba.”

Sanwal, Olusola and Rabia have worked diligently including late evenings and early mornings to complete
lab tests for clients needing to work or travel safely. The team is also working on new strategies to
develop saliva-based COVID-19 testing.

“We feel we are helping many people during COVID-19, to work safely; to provide for their families, to keep their businesses running…”

Together, these women working in science at Intrinsic Analytics here at St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre have helped keep hundreds of Manitoba workplaces COVID-free and prevented thousands of additional COVID-19 cases from spreading, likely saving lives and jobs in the process.