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The Canada India Healthcare Summit (CIHS) will hold a webinar on Biotechnology and its Contributions to Overcome COVID-19, featuring Dr. Grant Pierce of St. Boniface Hospital Research and the University of Manitoba, at 8:00 pm CST on Wednesday February 24, 2021.

The current global healthcare crisis, caused by the spread of COVID-19, has resulted in great loss of human life as well as unprecedented disruption of economic activity and social welfare around the world. This has heightened the urgency for democratic countries to work together to develop new approaches to healthcare in the post-COVID world, utilizing new developments in Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). This will be the third Canada India Healthcare Summit that CIF will be organizing, coming after its earlier initiatives in 2015 in Toronto and in New Delhi in 2017.

Speaking about The Direct and Inverse Impact of COVID-19 and Nutrition, Dr. Pierce is among a roster of expert speakers sharing insights into healthcare innovations in a post COVID-19 world.

“Past Summits brought together healthcare experts, governments and business leaders to explore opportunities for Canada and India to work together on the important theme of healthcare”, said Dr. V.I. Lakshmanan, who co-chaired both summits as well as several similar thematic forums held by CIF earlier.

“Key partners and participants included the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Ayush (Government of India), Apollo Hospitals, Apotex and many others. The Forums facilitated many new collaborative ventures.” he added.  Among the main deliverables of CIHS 2021 are:

  • Enabling private sector, government, universities and research institutions in Canada and India to collaborate in exploring Biotechnology & AI driven healthcare solutions
  • Understanding lessons learnt from managing the COVID-19 healthcare crisis
  • Leveraging R&D in Healthcare, Biotechnology & AI to create economic opportunities and ensure better universal healthcare
  • Helping to shape public policy in Canada and India to provide optimum healthcare to its residents through Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  •  Coordinating the CIF Competition and recognizing the winners of the competition

Canada India Foundation is a public policy organization, formed to promote stronger relations between Canada and India by emphasizing common public policy perspectives. University Health Network is Canada’s most prominent healthcare network, with the largest research-based hospital program in Canada and including the Toronto Rehab Institute, global leaders in research on physical rehabilitation. FICCI is India’s leading organization representing the private sector companies involved in commerce and industries. 

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