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Weiang Yan, PhD student, was recently recognized by the AHA as part of its upcoming Basic Cardiovascular Science (BCVS) Scientific Sessions 2021 Conference, whereby the primary author of the highest ranked accepted abstract from each country is designated as a PDW International Scholar.

“This is a highly competitive and prestigious award given by the BCVS council of the American Heart Association – we couldn’t be more proud and happy for Weiang,” said Dr. Sanjiv Dhingra, Principal Investigator, Cardiac Regeneration and Tissue Engineering Program here at St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre’s Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

Yan is co-supervised by Dr. Dhingra and Dr. Rakesh Arora, Principal Investigator, Patient Centered Inclusive Research – Enhancing the Perioperative Experience (ALIVE to THRIVE),  Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

Paul Dudley White was a founder of the AHA and a champion for global cardiovascular health strategies. Yan’s stellar, peer-reviewed work, reflects Dr. White’s vision for global excellence in cardiovascular science and medicine.

The AHA’s virtual conference is scheduled for August 23-25, 2021.