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Congratulations to Akshi Malik, supervised by Dr. Pawan Singal, Division of Cardiovascular Science at UM and Principal Investigator with the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences here at St. Boniface Hospital Research, for receiving the Dean of Graduate Studies Student Achievement Prize for the 2021-2022 academic year.

“This award recognizes Akshi’s outstanding performance as a graduate student in several ways: her overall academic excellence, leadership, teaching ability, volunteerism, and her service to others as a mentor to fellow students,” said Dr. Kelley Main, Acting Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies at University of Manitoba. 

“This award indeed is very competitive, only three are given in one year throughout the University.  For the selection, there is a multi-step process, starting with my nomination to the Department.  The Departmental Committee vets all the nominations and can forward only one candidate.  This time it was Akshi and she made it through.  Indeed a great honour for our lab, the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, as well as the Department of Physiology & Pathophysiology,” said Dr. Singal.

Congratulations again Akshi – we all wish you continued success.