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Dr. Anna Chudyk, part of SBRC’s Health Services and Structural Determinants of Health Research group is a CIHR funded postdoctoral fellow (College of Nursing, UM) who was recently awarded one of 13 Martha Donovan Leadership awards through the Winnipeg Foundation. Dr. Chudyk’s fellowship is a newly emergent opportunity that aims to develop leaders in patient-oriented research and this award will support the completion of training through the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

“My research focuses on the scholarship that underlies patient engagement in research, along with a number of clinical and health system studies that engage patients and caregivers as co-researchers,” she said.  Dr. Chudyk plans to apply the skills she develops to enhance her research program, which includes the co-development of a system/culture for patient-oriented research at St. Boniface Research Centre. The work’s ultimate aim is to produce insights and knowledge to restructure the research process and healthcare system to better meet patient and caregiver priorities and perspectives.

“Enrolling in this globally recognized course will enhance my leadership in patient-oriented research by expanding my toolbox of practical hands-on techniques for planning and conducting patient and public engagement projects and activities and great networking opportunities,” Chudyk elaborated.

“I can’t wait to share these learnings with my collaborators at SBRC and University of Manitoba, as well as to apply them to enhance how I currently engage patients and caregivers in research. Thank you so much to the Winnipeg Foundation and Award for supporting my continuing evolution as a leader in patient-oriented research.”

Supervised by Dr. Annette Schultz, Principal Investigator of the Health Services & Structural Determinants of Health Research at SBRC, Chudyk also collaborates with Drs. Rakesh Arora and Todd Duhamel and has emerging networks across Canada.

“Support for women in science is imperative to enhance spaces where women can excel and realize the careers they have envisioned for themselves,” Schultz said. “The Martha Donovan Women’s Leadership Development Award creates opportunities for young women in science to be nurtured and develop leadership skills to prepare them to become the next generation of thought leaders.”

The IAP2 is a global organization whose mission is to provide individuals that engage patients and the public in organizations’ or projects’ decision-making processes with the tools, skills, and networking opportunities to enhance the practice of engagement.

Schultz further explained, “The IAP2 will expose Dr. Chudyk to novel ideas, tools, and most importantly to international networks of leaders that regularly engage patients and the public in their work. St. Boniface Research Centre and the University of Manitoba, are very fortunate to have this emerging leader in the field of patient-orientated research at our institutions.”