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Congratulations to Vibhuti Arya, who has been recommended to receive the Nancie J. Mauro Graduate Scholarship in Oncology Research. 

Arya, who immigrated to Winnipeg in 2016, graduated with a BSc. (hons.) Cell, Molecular Biology, from University of Manitoba and then sought experience in Clinical Research. In May 2021, she started in the Cardiovascular Imaging (CVI) lab; and under the guidance of Dr. Davinder Jassal, was awarded CancerCare Manitoba’s Research in Hematology and Immunology (RIOH) summer studentship which helped her gain a strong understanding of ethics involved in clinical research. As a member of Dr. Jassal’s lab, Arya is contributing to the CANFLAX study to understand the benefits of flax milk products to help prevent heart failure in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

“Dr. Jassal has been a very supportive supervisor and excellent mentor, helping me realize my passion for healthcare research,” she said. With heightened interest and appreciation for the role of clinical research in bringing the bench top science to patient’s bedside, Arya is now pursuing a MSc. in Physiology and Pathophysiology.

The CANFLAX project is the first clinical study of its kind to promote new standards of care that may help protect the hearts of women receiving chemotherapy in the breast cancer setting. Through partnerships with scientists and clinicians locally and abroad, the Cardio-Oncology program is focused on developing strategies, programs, and guidelines to prevent cardiovascular complications in the cancer population.

“For me, the Nancie J. Mauro graduate scholarship symbolizes the unity between my sense of service towards patients and my passion for scientific inquiry,” Arya added. She also wished to acknowledge the support of her co-supervisor Dr. Marshall Pitz and all the CVI lab members for their constant motivation and assistance with research study coordination and planning. 

Congratulations on this outstanding recognition.