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Ph.D. student Pranav Mishra was awarded the Stephanson, Eirikur & Thorbjorg Scholarship, valued at $3550, by the University of Manitoba for his Alzheimer’s research within Dr. Ben Albensi’s laboratory.

Mishra’s research is crucial, as it will help in developing therapeutic interventions to alleviate Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s leads to loss of memory, thinking and other brain functions. His study focuses on the potential of hormones in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. The research involves working with the sex hormone estrogen, to see how it can decrease inflammation and increase mitochondrial function in the brain consequently improving the survival of brain cells.

I would like to thank both my advisors Dr. Benedict Albensi and Dr. Paul Fernyhough for their guidance and support.

Pranav Mishra

For further information, the Faculty of Graduate Studies lists its criteria for the award on its website.