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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented Dr. Anju Bajaj with a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence This award presented, Monday October 3 in Ottawa, honoured Dr. Bajaj for her commitment to preparing her students for a digital and innovations-based economy.

Dr. Bajaj imparts a love of learning and the ability to use the skills and knowledge gained to prosper in the 21 st century. She is a teaching vice-principal at Holy Cross School Archdiocese of Winnipeg.  She is recognized as: a leader, researcher, activist, organizer, author, STEM educator, consultant, public speaker, and visible minority role model.

She provides encouragement and opportunities for students, especially female students through her school clubs such as the New Horizon Club. The club in conjunction with St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre provides opportunities to interact with female and male researchers. Through her work with science fairs, especially the Bison Regional Science Fair, which she founded, females and males have been able to participate in the Canada Wide science Fair and win awards.

In her one-to-one meeting with Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, she was humbled to hear from the PM.

“Dr. Bajaj Congratulations to you! I would have loved to have science teachers like you. It would have likely changed the course of my studies. I almost went into sciences in university, but there was that little spark missing that I know I would have had for sure if I had teachers like you in high school. Proud of your accomplishments,” Mr. Trudeau said.

Dr. Anju Bajaj is a former Postdoctoral Trainee working under Dr. Pawan Singal, Principal Investigator Cell Pathophysiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences  

“Dr. Bajaj worked with us for two years in our lab, so it is delightful to see a former colleague recognized for her ongoing achievements.  She always stayed in touch with her faculty members in ICS, and with the Foundation, and regularly brings her students to participate in programming at our Youth BIOlab,” Dr. Singal noted. “We wish her our heartiest congratulations on this tremendous honour.”

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