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Graduate students from St. Boniface Hospital Research and the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences once again dominated this year’s 3MT competition at UM, with first place taken by Keshav Narayan Alagarsamy from Dr. Sanjiv Dhingra’s lab, and second place going to Akshi Malik from Dr. Pawan Singal’s lab, rounded out by Daniel Schwade Araujo from Dr. Todd Duhamel’s lab as one of the other finalists.   

“We are very excited that two of our students won first and second place in the 3MT competition, this is a highly competitive event and really speaks to the high level of training by the ICS. We are very proud of Akshi and Keshav and congratulate their supervisors Drs. Singal and Dhingra,” said Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum, Director of ICS.

Alagarsamy received $2,500 for his first place win of the Dr. Archie McNicol Award, and Malik was awarded the UM Retirees Association Prize. Congratulations to all three students for making it to the finals in this highly competitive event, and for their stellar efforts and performances.

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