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Dr. Casey Sayre

Dr. Casey Sayre

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Roseman University of Health Sciences (South Jordan, Utah)

Dr. Casey Sayre graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2006. He continued his studies at the Idaho State University College of Pharmacy, completing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2010. He commenced pursuing a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science at Washington State University with Dr. Neal Davies and relocated to the University of Manitoba to finish in 2014. His research interests are in optimizing and individualizing currently used pharmacotherapy with pharmacogenetic, pharmaceutic, and pharmacokinetic analysis and experimentation. Specifically, he has interest in discovering if genetic differences in Aboriginal populations lead to variability in anti-diabetic drug response. He has published 12 peer reviewed articles 4 as first author and 5 book chapters 1 as first author. He has also practiced pharmacy in hospital, community, and long term care settings.