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Clinical Research

Bringing Discoveries to the "Bedside"

Cardiovascular Health Research in Manitoba (CHaRM)

The Cardiovascular Health Research in Manitoba (CHaRM) Investigator Group was created to improve the care and quality of life of patients with cardiovascular disease through multi-disciplinary, investigator-initiated research, and to provide a forum for continuing education about research proposals.

We aim to co-operatively help develop protocols that benefit from the diverse, multidisciplinary expertise and constructive advice of the Cardiovascular Health Research in Manitoba (CHaRM) membership. In so doing, we aim to merge scientific rigour with clinical relevance, within the constraints of feasibility and available resources. The focus of the CHaRM Investigator Group (referred to as the “Investigator Group”) is the development and execution of protocols that are investigator-initiated and officially affiliated with the CHaRM.


The aims and objectives of the Investigator Group are to:

  • Promote the generation of research hypothesises for collaboration for basic, translational and clinical research in cardiovascular research in Manitoba.
  • Ensure Research into cardiovascular disease will be held to a high-quality of scientific rigour spanning investigations from molecular biology to population-based clinical epidemiology.
  • Improve coordination, sharing of data and avoidance of duplication in research efforts among the membership of the Investigator Group and respective collaborators.
  • Aim for research planning should aim to operate with a long-term view of 3-5 years, with an annual research program agreed by the membership.
  • Make the most efficient use of the combined resources engaged in research type activities of all the key stakeholders in Winnipeg and Manitoba.
  • Provide a resource/contact network that will encourage/promote research interests of trainees of the constituents of the Investigator Group


The purpose of the Investigator Group is to:

  • Identify current research requirements of the membership agenda and determine the priorities for research in Winnipeg and Manitoba to assist in the development of a cogent research program for the region
  • Identify and realize the benefits of joint research projects for the membership
  • Promote evidence based research built on robust data, intelligence and analysis
  • Promote an integrated approach to research by raising awareness, avoid duplication and where required, ensuring appropriate links are established, and avoid unnecessary duplicative enrollment of cardiac sciences patients
  • Create a database of past completed, current/ongoing and future projects for the respective members
  • Create a research culture that is supported by the membership that will ultimately include joint grant applications
  • Pool resources to improved patient recruitment in translational and clinical trials and improve efficiency/cost of research investigation