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Health and Physics

CT | Linac | PET | MRI | X-ray | Ultrasound

A Video Resource for Grade 12 Manitoba Physics Topic 4.1: Medical Physics

This video series is an audio-visual resource for “Health and Physics: A Grade 12 Manitoba Resource for Health and Radiation Physics” which is available online at

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Produced by the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre in partnership with Manitoba Education and the Manitoba Division of the Canadian Cancer Society, these six videos explore medical imaging in various medical facilities throughout Winnipeg. Manitoba students describe their experiences with diagnostic imaging techniques used in the identification and treatment of various cancers and other diseases. These videos describe the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in imaging and treatment options and include engaging visuals that describe the safe and necessary applications of medical physics to Grade 12 students. It should be noted that the student actors in these videos were ‘mock’ patients and did not have these machines run on them due to the use of ionizing radiation in some of the techniques. With the exception of the ultrasound video, imaging data shown in these videos are from actual patients, not our students.

Manitoba students and their families are encouraged by the early detection and improved outcomes for cancer patients. Science education in the field of medical physics contributes to a wider understanding of cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. With this knowledge, we hope to improve students’ awareness of the healthcare system as well as increase their technical knowledge related to diagnostic and treatment technologies.