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St. Boniface Hospital Research helps innovators find research and patent information, technical assistance and funding, partnerships, and market opportunities to commercialize new products, processes and services.

Intrinsic Analytics Inc. logo

Intrinsic Analytics Inc.

Founded in 2013, Intrinsic Analytics Inc. is Manitoba’s first and only bio information services provider for Occupational Health Services and Personal Health Services. Intrinsic Analytics facilitates improved medical advocacy and promotes health and safety for individuals and enterprises.

WinSanTor Logo


Founded in 2011, WinSanTor Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of treatments for peripheral neuropathies, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, chemo- and HIV-induced peripheral neuropathy, and others.



Intelligent Hospital Systems

Founded in 2006, Intelligent Hospital Systems (IH Systems) is a medical device company focused on the design and development of automated solutions for the hospital environment. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, IH Systems manufactures RIVA, a fully-automated IV compounding system that prepares medications for syringes and IV bags in an aseptic environment. Using RIVA, hospitals enhance patient safety, lower the cost-per-dose of medications, reduce their vulnerability to medication shortages and cut waste.

Monteris Medical logo

Monteris Medical, Inc.®

Founded in 1999, the mission of Monteris Medical, Inc.® was to create new technology that when used by neurosurgeons, could allow them to ablate brain lesions and tumours difficult to treat by traditional means. Monteris continues to be focused on providing innovative MRI-guided tools and solutions for neurosurgeons who are treating diseases of the brain.