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Clinical Research

Bringing Discoveries to the "Bedside"

Dr. Bram Ramjiawan

Dr. Bram Ramjiawan

Director of Research
Asper Clinical Research Institute

Director of Research Innovation and Regulatory Affairs

Adjunct Professor
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba



Dr. Bram Ramjiawan is the Director of Research Innovation and Regulatory Affairs and Director of Research, Asper Clinical Research Institute, at the St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada. He oversees the Office of Clinical Research, which has oversight of clinical research at St. Boniface. Prior to joining the hospital, Dr. Ramjiawan was with the Government of Canada-National Research Council- as an Industrial Technology advisor who specialized in Life Sciences and Biomedical Technologies.

Dr. Ramjiawan is an adjunct professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He is on many national and international organizations. At the national level Dr. Ramjiawan is on the steering committee of the Canadian Standards Association on Medical Technology and Health Care. At the international level, he is a reviewer for the United States National Institutes of Health and for the European Union Commission on Health Science and Ethics. Dr. Ramjiawan is on the editorial board of an international journal, Journal of Pharmacoecomics and Outcomes Research. He is the co-chair of the St. Boniface Hospital Research Ethics Committee.



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